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Large Blog ImageThank you for your interest! I am a freelance business and marketing consultant in Brooklyn, NY. I help companies, small businesses and individuals to connect the dots between social media, marketing and business. After all, likes and followers are not showing in the balance sheet! For more information click here.

I am also an avid photographer and my favorite model is New York City! Taking photos of the city that never sleeps has taken me to some interesting turning points as a photographer/artist. Have a look at my “Photography” page and learn more. You will find information on how to buy my work and of course galleries. Enjoy!

 New York City Photos  – Gallery

New York City Photos

The Fashion Models Of New York City – Gallery

NYC Fashion Models

The V-Blog And The V-Mag

The purpose of my blog is sharing information about marketing, social media and business. Besides that, I am trying to help others and promote models, small businesses and other businesses and individuals. The blog also serves as a tool to promote my own opinion about various other topics. If you are looking for tips, info and an opinion about the areas above, check it out.  

While many people would call my “V-Mag” newsletter, I am staying away from that. I do have a lot of visual content and I write about many subjects. So I believe that calling it “The V-Mag” is just more appropriate. The V-Mag is issued once a week and it contains the most important info of the week about marketing, social media, business, fashion, lifestyle, sports (mostly soccer) and photos of New York City and people. Feel free to sign up, the V-Mag is free and if you are interested in the topics you will have some “a-ha” moments.


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