Soccer Is Life!

#WorldCup | Lesson Learned On Day Six | Brazil Is Not Going To Win…

We all are excited to see games that involve Brazil. The host team has a reputation for awesome, fluent and exciting soccer. Looking at the games so far, Brazil is still exciting to watch, however, having a fair look at the games played, Brazil is NOT going to win the world cup!

So far the Brazilians played two games, against Croatia (3-1) and Mexico (0-0). In the win against Croatia some of the circumstances that helped to win the game are covered by the result: Weak defense and goalie on Croatia’s side. The second game against Mexico (like Croatia not a “hot” team of this world cup) things looked different. Good defending and an outstanding goalie performance showed that Brazil can be beaten. There are a few teams out there that can and will give Brazil major problems and they all show up when a loss can’t be made up: In the knock-out stage!

Brazil will face teams that defend just as good as Mexico, and better, and have more firepower and this is when Brazil will crumble. One Neymar is not enough to win the world cup.

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