Vitus Feldmann

I am a freelance marketing and business consultant in Brooklyn, NY. I help big companies, small businesses and individuals to connect the dots between people, marketing, social media and business. After all, likes and followers are still not showing in the balance sheet. Read more below or go right to the marketing and business consulting page…

I am also an avid photographer and my favorite models are New York City, beautiful and exciting people and the combination of the two/three. If my photography brought you here visit my photography home page here… 

I also run a free online magazine (available soon) called “Leisure Magazine”. The Leisure Magazine is a free online magazine displaying articles about various topics such as travel, photography, fashion, people, home and home decoration, health, life, sports and other topics that keep our interest. Since marketing and business is part of my life, and my job, I will also provide information about those subjects. “The Leisure Magazine” home page… 

My Mission Statement

For those that need more information and want to read more about me, my experience and what I do, please read below.  

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Vitus Feldmann @VitusFeldmann | Klear

Vitus Feldmann is ranked in the top 5% users on social media. Influential in Marketability, Social Media, Business.

About me, professional experience, what I do and more…

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