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After Apple’s announcement to enter the payment industry, some were quick to claim Apple must now be regulated by banking standards. While there might be a point to it, there are some other more important points to consider with that announcement. One of the points is stated below:

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Have you ever wanted to get more followers on Twitter?

Watching as others amassed a huge number of followers and wondered what you can do to replicate their success?

I felt exactly the same and for a long time I struggled to make much progress, but eventually after trying different tactics I was able to make serious headway.

And I want to help you do the same thing.

In this post I’ll show you how to setup your account so it stands out, how you can leverage your blog to grow your following and give you actionable tips for smarter tweeting.

All of which will increase your reach, get more eye-balls on your profile and help to grow your own targeted Twitter following.

Are you ready to start growing your Twitter following today?

What can Twitter do for you?

Twitter has the potential to drive traffic to your blog, get…

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Take for Granted …

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… nothing.

Never take for granted your beauty ~ however you see yourself, those who love you will see you shine.

Never take for granted your insight ~ however you see yourself, those who love you will  hear your voice.

Never take for granted your legs ~ however you see yourself, they will take you where you need to go.

Never take for granted your doubt ~ however you see yourself, doubt will enlighten you to your purpose.

Never take for granted your fear ~ however you see yourself, fear will transform you and, if you allow it, will show you the light.

Never take for granted that light ~ however you finally see yourself, it will guide you. Believe it. Trust it.

The light is you.

∞ peace ∞

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U.S. banks collectively reduced the nation’s branch total by 390 locations during the third quarter, according to research firm SNL Financial. The closings are part of an ongoing trend of banks closing more branches than they open, as customers increasingly transact with their financial institutions through mobile and online Banking.

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China is a huge consumer market everyone would like to tap in. The Chinese are not only shopping offline in brick-and-mortar-stores, but online business is growing out of the roof for years. A big chunk of online shopping is coming from mobile devices. With the popularity of mobile shopping, the advertising industry is looking for the best ways to reach the huge pool of shoppers on their smartphones, knowing very well that reaching these consumers will increase sales. 

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Successful people lead their lives on purpose with uplifting truths, empowering habits, and strong principles. Their life of success is a direct result of their conscious choices and healthy habits.


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