Instagram Details To Know

Instagram Marketing: What The Data Quackmire Can Tell You – IG

Instagram became a hot commodity in the social media world. While marketing use for the platform is increasing, marketers have been somewhat hesitant to use the platform. There are various reasons for that: Not much data available, not enough and of the right content and issues with demographics were and still are some of the reasons. However, Instagram is growing in users and marketers are coming out and get their feet wet.  Continue reading

Shawn Towne, The Face Of Flawless 2015

Shawn Towne – The Face Of Flawless 2015

Check out “my” model Shawn Towne and her latest achievement. Chosen by famous Celebrity Fashion Designer Camille Flawless, Shawn will represent the Flawless collection in 2015. What an astonishing achievement for a woman that started working out in her 40’s and modeling just barely a year ago. Shawn is an inspiration for everyone doing rather than dreaming.  Continue reading

Blogging: Improve Your Conclusion For Better Results

Blogging has become very competitive. With the number of bloggers still rising it is very important to provide good content. One of the ways to improve your blog and traffic, improve the conclusion of your post.

Have a look at the post below with some valuable tips on how to improve your post’s conclusion.

Pinterest: How To Increase Your Traffic And Exposure

Pinterest is one of the most important marketing tools if you have visual content or products to market and sell. Have a look at these tips on how to increase your traffic and exposure on Pinterest: