We all are in business to make money. There is no difference between individual, small business, big business organizations and the big lifestyle brands. As good as we can, we take advantage of various marketing tools and opportunities that might help us to increase our bottom line.

Brand awareness and looking good in public is important, but at the end it still comes down to creating revenue and profits. 

Over the past decade a new “medium” has established itself: Social Media. Social media has created endless new opportunities to reach more people and create brand awareness. Social Media has twisted and turned the marketing and business world and is continuing to do so.

100,000 Followers And Up, You Are Losing Revenue In The Millions!

Many businesses and big brands are struggling to take advantage of the possibilities. While in the small business world the reasons (lack of resources and budget) for not having a functioning social media presence are somewhat understandable, in the world of big brands and big business there is no real reason for living with modest ROI’s and leaving free and unused resources on the table.

Here are some of the general reasons why you should contact me:

  • Your business has no social media presence.
  • Your business has a social media presence, but you have the feeling social media doesn’t work for you.
  • Your social media presence looks good, but you can’t monetize or would love to do better.
  • If you feel restricted by regulations such as in the legal, financial and other industries.
  • If you buy followers and likes.
  • If your Twitter or Instagram account shows more than 100,000 Followers and you only follow a couple of thousand (or less) back.

The above are all reasons why you are not cashing in on vital revenue dollars. Other than “I just don’t want to do it”, there is no real excuse. And it doesn’t matter how big your brand or business is. What are you going to do?