It is, and always was, my intention to help others as much as I can. I believe in and have a passion for social media. Ibelieve that social media is an outstanding marketing tool and it gives everyone a chance to be heard in the huge jungle we call internet.

Social media has given individuals and small businesses the chance to better compete with big brand names and create a brand for themselves. In order to help others, I share blog posts on “The V Blog”, I share on Google+, Twitter and other platforms. If you want to see what I am sharing for others you can run a few searches or click the links below:

  • On Google+ the shared posts carry the hashtag #m1sharing
  • On “The V Blog” I will make an effort to tag those posts with m1sharing
  • You can check out my Twitter accounts for re-tweets @VitusFeldmann and @TMStreetAnalyst
  • Have a look at my Pinterest account and you can find many shared and re-pinned articles.

If you need help in promoting your articles or anything else, please contact me and we can discuss on how I can help you.

Sharing and engaging is the key of the social media world. That is especially true if you use the various platforms for marketing purposes. Many people and even big brands have not discovered that fact and mostly use their various platforms as a message blaster.  This is especially sad to see in the world of big brands, because not engaging with followers is an incredible waste of revenue sources.

Happy sharing and engaging!

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