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Social Media Marketing | The Problem With Facebook Pages

Facebook has put itself on the “hitlist” (not hotlist) of many business page owners, including brands and high caliber individuals. A few algorithm changes have caused reach on business pages to drop dramatically. Facebook, and some supporters that have more or less interest in the company, claim the step was necessary to “control” content and make sure people find what they are looking for in their newsfeed. Relevance is a popular word used in their explanations. Correct me if I am wrong, aren’t you the one who decides what is relevant for you? Continue reading

Why Instagram is a Credible Alternative to the Fading Facebook & Twitter

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Social media has indeed brought new blood to the whole realm of digital marketing. While its effectiveness over email marketing as a marketing approach is debatable, but as a standalone marketing tool, social media is pricelessly critical for any digital marketeer looking to make a serious impact.


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