The Main Street Analyst

The Main Street Analyst

In 2009 I started to collect information about topics that I am interested in for work purposes. After collecting a good number of articles and tips I was looking for a way to organize my “knowledge base” and came up with the idea to do it with a blog. I also wanted to make my opinion public and help others to find and get information around the topics of marketing, social media and business

The Main Street Analyst was founded to be a knowledge and information source for people that are looking for advice in marketing, especially social media marketing and are trying to connect the two to their business. Today, The Main Street Analyst is a blog with a global audience looking for information around these topics.

The Main Street Analyst can help everyone to understand social media and marketing and why it is important to connect the two with business. The blog has over 5,000 posts, over 2,000 of them are easy to understand infographics. Visit the site and type your question or keyword around social media and marketing into the search box and you will find valuable information.

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