Soccer Is Life – With the new Barclay’s English Premier League Season on its way the press and other soccer experts are already busy letting the world know who will be on top comes May 2015. Well, there sure is lots to talk about. Manchester United, for example, is a preferred topic for experts all over the place. An that with good reason. 
The New “Theater of Nightmares”
After Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement at the end of the 12/13 season the club and its fans didn’t have a lot to enjoy. As a matter of fact, the “Theater of Dreams” became a source for nightmares for the ManU fans. With a new coach and mostly the same staff on the field ManU missed out of European football for the current 2014/15 season. And looking at it closely, a change might be hard to force through. While United secured the service of master coach Luis van Gaal, the first game was lost against Swansea, at home, in the new “Theater of Nightmares”. 

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New York City Photos | New York City Photo Impressions | #NYCPI #NYCiPhoto #NYCPhotos #iPhoneography | Gallery

NYCiPhoto Downtown Art Gallery 1

NYCiPhoto Downtown Art Gallery 1

NYCiPhoto Downtown Skyline Instagram Gallery 1

NYCiPhoto Downtown Skyline Instagram Gallery 1

NYCiPhoto Flatiron Art Instagram Gallery 1

NYCiPhoto Flatiron Art Instagram Gallery 1

NYCiPhoto Downtown MB Street Photo Instagram Gallery 1

NYCiPhoto Downtown MB Street Photo Instagram Gallery 1

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The most expensive car ever auctioned was sold Thursday night in Pebble Beach, California for a record-breaking $38.1 million. The very-rare Ferrari 250 GTO has sat at the top of the classic-car pyramid for years. Bonhams Group Motoring Director James Knight explains why this car is worth millions. Video by: Alyssa Zahler, Drew Beebe, Justin Beach. (Source: Bloomberg)

Somewhere between marketing, copywriting and computer programing, Growth hackers slowly became the key figures of successful start-ups. What are the qualities needed to become a good growth hacker? Here are few answers designed by 24 Motion design

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Starbucks has well over 20,000 stores worldwide, and most of those stores follow the same cookie-cutter design, but in a handful of cases, the company has taken pains to make a location stand out. Here’s a look at five Starbucks stores that are truly unusual. (Source: Bloomberg)

In my opinion, this is something that many industries can take as an example. For example, the banking industry is suffering from high costs and shrinking traffic in their branches. Does that surprise anyone? Honestly, have you ever seen a more boring business place than a bank branch?

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If you run a blog or website you should have a look at the two posts below. Creating traffic for your site, or making sure your traffic is not breaking away is mandatory for your site success.

Ever heart of growth hacking? If not and you are a start-up, have a look at this post.

Your feedback is appreciated.

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New York City Photos, Empire State Building,

New York City Photos, Empire State Building,

New York City Photos | Empire State Building

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Facebook has put itself on the “hitlist” (not hotlist) of many business page owners, including brands and high caliber individuals. A few algorithm changes have caused reach on business pages to drop dramatically. Facebook, and some supporters that have more or less interest in the company, claim the step was necessary to “control” content and make sure people find what they are looking for in their newsfeed. Relevance is a popular word used in their explanations. Correct me if I am wrong, aren’t you the one who decides what is relevant for you? Read the rest of this entry »

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Instagram is a valuable space for your business. With more than 900 million active users, there’s ample opportunity to engage your target market. Here are 15 things to avoid on Instagram and how you can turn things around if you’ve been struggling.


Adrienne Erin rounds up 15 great tips to add to your #MobileMarketing arsenal when using Instagram for business. Some great examples shared as reminders.

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Pinterest is an incredible way to engage your audience visually. Whether your business is a veteran of the platform, or you have just created your Pinterest presence, you DON’T want to make these 15 mistakes.


Adrienne Erin covering Pinterest with 15 Good Points to Remember with this platform. Reading and understanding each platform offers a variety of options. Make sure the Social Media platform you elect to use is right for your business.

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Are you using the latest Twitter marketing tactics?

Do you want to raise the bar on your Twitter marketing?

We asked top Twitter pros to share the tips and tricks they’re using to make a difference in their own Twitter marketing.

In this article you’ll discover 12 Twitter marketing tips to help you get the most out of Twitter today.

12 twitter tips from pros

Find 12 pro tips for improving your Twitter marketing.

#1: Match Emails With Customer Usernames

kristi hines twitter pic

Kristi Hines

Want to get to know prospective and current customers on Twitter?

SocialBro has a great feature that allows you to upload a list of email contacts and match them to corresponding Twitter handles. Once the process is complete, you can do a variety of things, including analyze the demographics, audience size, keywords they tweet and much more.

socialbro search results

SocialBro automatically matches emails to Twitter usernames.

I find it most helpful to…

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Banks and credit unions realize that there is a strong correlation between customer satisfaction, portfolio growth and financial results, yet recent studies of customer satisfaction indicate there is still a major gap in performance between the financial services industry and other verticals.

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By now, you’ve probably seen numerous Pinterest boards floating around online. Whether it’s a friend of yours sharing her board full of wedding inspiration and desires or sharing recipes, it’s a fair bet you’ve been shown several Pinterest boards full of fun and interesting hobbies.

But is it just a fun way to create galleries of all the things you love and share them with friends or is there more to it? Can you actually capitalize on Pinterest’s popularity for your business? The short answer is yes.

With this post, I’m not only going to show you some compelling reasons on why you should be using Pinterest for your business, but I’m also going to give you some cool tips on how to master the platform.

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest is a network that gives consumers the ultimate freedom: they can create boards and…

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As much as content and advertising agencies would like you to believe it, content produced by a business doesn’t just go viral on it’s own. There is often something that pushes it really, really hard when it first goes live which gains momentum, and eventually the content is spread far and wide enough that it doesn’t need you to push it anymore. Those of you who have read Good to Great may be making associations with the flywheel principle, but that’s a post for another day!

In this post I want to talk about one of the ways you can give your content a nudge in the right direction and get more people looking at it: Facebook advertising.

I won’t go into too much detail on the basics of Facebook advertising; there are lots of resources and posts out there which do this. Instead, I want to dive straight into…

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