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New York City And Beautiful People – A Mixed Gallery

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Social Media And Business – How To Use SM To Your Advantage – IG

Social Media and Business became closely connected over the past years. While there are still a few businesses and individuals that don’t use social media for business purposes, the most are somehow and somewhere on any of the various platforms. Read more

Fashion Model, Actress – Meet Meaghan Bloom Fluitt

A little while ago I had the pleasure to photograph Meaghan Bloom Fluitt, an actress and high-fashion model in New York City. When I first saw Meaghan my first thought was, where are those legs going to end? Now that I have taken photos of her, I still have no idea. All I can say, those must be the longest legs in New York City. You have a look and be the judge…

Meaghan Bloom Fluitt - Actress, NYC…The shoot took us to three different locations in New York City. We started at the famous Flatiron building and went on to Brooklyn Bridge Park and Dumbo. These are totally different environments and not all of it is everyone’s background. Meaghan on the other hand mastered all three locations with grace, attitude and endurance. The latter was important, because it was a cold day, despite the beautiful sunshine…

…Meaghan has considerable experience in various genres. For acting and modeling she is available for runway, print in high-fashion or catalog, industrials and commercials. You throw her a creative, interesting job or idea and she is all for it.

Meaghan Bloom Fluitt was born in Winter Park, FL, but became a convinced New Yorker while visiting college in New York. Meaghan has a major in performing arts and a minor in creative writing. She loves to express herself through art, fashion, on stage or on paper.

Meaghan Bloom Fluitt - Actress

Meaghan is a free spirit with a free thinking mind and a free-flowing style. She is always ready for something new and ready to follow her dream. What that dream is I haven’t discovered, but I can confirm that she has a free-flowing style and she can adjust from one second to the other. Meaghan is also very creative and brings her ideas into a shoot. All abilities, skills and characteristics combined, a photographer’s dream!

Meaghan Bloom Fluitt - High Fashion Model, NYC

Some stats: Height: 6′0 – Weight: 145 lbs – Bust: 34 – Waist 25 – Hips: 37 – Cup: B – Hair: Brown – Eyes: Brown

Meaghan Bloom Fluitt - High Fashion Model

Meaghan is currently working on her website and it might take a couple of days until the site with all information is out. Once the site is ready, it will be available here. If you have any serious business inquiries feel free to contact me and I will forward your information. Other comments and compliments can be expressed in the comment section.

Promoting Your Blog Is Promoting Your Business – IG

Promoting your blog is promoting your business. I don’t know for how many times I have explained that to my clients and others that needed to hear it. A blog, your website and your social media properties are part of your store. If you don’t have a store or office, then, there you go, they are your store.

Like with a real brick-and-mortar store, you market your blog to people you know, people you know from distance and people you don’t know at all. Above all, and everyone in business knows that, relationship building is important. The infographic below from Referral Candy is one of the best I have seen when it comes to blogging and marketing tips. Have a look and keep the tips in mind when you look at your website or blog the next time.

If you have questions in regards to blogging and promoting your blog feel free to contact me.

Promoting A Blog

Actress And Fashion Model In NYC – Meet Loydeen…

Loydeen is a high fashion model and actress in New York City. I had the pleasure to shoot with her in April of 2015 and after everything was set and done, I went home impressed. Loydeen is an absolute professional and her vast experience in modeling and acting shows in a photo shoot. Besides that, looking for legs and shape and a beautiful face? Check the photos… Read more

The Fashion Models Of New York City – Meet Shawn Towne

Shawn Towne is a real inspiration for everyone. Starting working out in her 40’s and becoming a model while working the iron, Shawn now became “The Face Of Flawless” for famous fashion designer Camille Flawless. With that she entered the world of high-fashion and I have no doubt she will be successful. She certainly has the looks, determination and attitude to be awesome. Read more

Email Marketing | Tips And Facts For Better Campaigns | IG

Email marketing campaigns are a big part of marketers daily life. And looking at the success rates, rightly so. While email marketing campaigns are a good tool to market, there are quite a few things to consider. Read more

The Fashion Models Of New York City – Meet Karina Bikmukhametova

Until now I had the pleasure to work twice with Karina Bikmukhametova and both times have been an outstanding experience. The first shoot I had with her was also one of my first shoots with fashion models altogether. And credit to Karina, I learned a lot. Karina is an absolute professional on the job and what usually takes hours to shoot can be accomplished much quicker. Not that she is dry and not approachable, the opposite is the case. Karina is an outstanding model and a very nice person. I have very much enjoyed working with her twice and I hope I can do so much more often.

By the way, Karina can be booked for photo shoots or other fashion related jobs. To get in touch with her visit her Model Mayhem page and contact her. You can also connect with Karina over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I hope you liked my little gallery of Karina Bikmukhametova. Please feel free to share this post and the photos via your various social media platforms. Your activity is appreciated. Any questions or comments? The comment section is open!


Improve Your Instagram – Stats, Facts And Tips

How To Use Instagram And More Social Media Information

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Over the past few years the site has grown to 300,000,000 active users and by doing so has attracted major brands and businesses.

Instagram is, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and many others, a social media platform. That means nothing else than there are people posting and looking to network one way or the other. While some people do really well on social media platforms, others need more help, support and experience to create a loyal audience.   Read more

Alwina Kuhn And The Iconic Flatiron Building

Alwina Kuhn is a fashion model currently based in New York City. Over the past six months I had several shoots at several locations with her. Alwina is a professional and experienced model and as a result we were able to create many great photos. This one, in combination with the iconic Flatiron building, is one of my favorites.

Shortly, there will be a post with more photos of Alwina and her posing in front of some other NYC icons. In the meantime, visit my New York City Photo Impressions site for more photos of her. In case you are a photographer or you are looking for models for jobs, contact information is provided. Feel free to leave your comment in the section below.

Alwina Kuhn Vitus Feldmann

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